D.I.Y. Halloween Wreath

So Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration and with a trip to your Dollar Store and some spray paint you can make this basic snake wreath in a couple hours. For a couple more dollars you can give it some flair with a skeleton and roses.  Keep reading to learn how.

Getting Started

If you have access to some vines (grapevines or Virginia creeper for example) you have a free resource.  See my blog post on working with grapevines to get this basic wreath shape https://piratepieman.home.blog/2018/09/25/grapevine-time. Or, you can purchase a grapevine wreath from your local craft store.  Joanne’s Fabrics and Michaels are always running a promotion or offer a coupon so depending on the size you want this could cost about $5-$10.

IMG_2434 2
Grapevine Wreath

Supplies You Need

  • vine wreath
  • cool temp mini glue gun
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • pliers
  • spray paint- metallic bronze
  • dollar store: skull, snakes, bugs, flowers, skeleton hand tongs, ribbon, mini hat


I used a combination of wire and hot glue to affix the snakes and bugs to the wreath.  I also wove the snakes in among the vines; do what works to keep them secure.

Add dollar store snakes

When everything is attached begin spray painting.  It is easy to miss spots because of all of the twisty vines and snakes so take time to walk around the project and turn it around so that you get an even application.   This process may take a couple coats.  I did mine outside so clean up was simple and the area was well ventilated.

Halloween Wreath made from grapevine, toy snakes and spray paint.

This is where going back to Pinterest is a lot of fun.  People are super creative and I was inspired by wreaths using skeletons.  I found a simple skeleton head, some arms and black roses with eyeballs at the Dollar Store.  As you can see I thought I would use the black spooky fabric in my design but instead used some gold mesh ribbon; do what appeals to you.  I poked holes in the back of the skull and threaded wire through to secure it to the wreath.


I got my Halloween Box up from the basement and repurposed a costume headband.  I found the key to this project was the even application of the snakes all around the wreath and then using a pop of color to add some luxury and visual interest.

Halloween wreath.

In past years I have hung the basic snake wreath with just a bow and I liked how the snakes are camouflaged and hidden in the simple design.  However this year I decided to change things and added embellishments.  About every other year I find I get a little tired of my designs and I take items off or just add new elements so that I am excited to see it on display.

Happy Halloween!



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