Looking Down

In Spring 2018 we added two dogs to our family of three humans and two cats.  Of course certain chores accompany pet ownership and I am the person most often on poop patrol.  I got this job for a couple of reasons, but primarily they all lead back to… I don’t want to step in poop.  Interestingly this morning as I was scanning for poop (and sticks) preparing to mow the lawn, I noticed that there was a lot going on down there.

I attribute these mushrooms to years of mulching grass clippings and fallen leaves into the lawn and not to dog poop, but I could be wrong. Here is what I learned:

  • It is very hard to be confident that you have identified the mushroom correctly.
  • The Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms will glow in the dark faintly and make you very very sick if eaten.
  • The Stinkhorn Mushroom really does stink and looks like severed fingers after you mow over it in the lawn…gasp!

Meadow Mushrooms

I am giving this impressive collection its own slideshow so you can see how big it is and  how cheerful in the lawn.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Others I found..

I’m trying to refrain from putting in a silly amount of photos..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, to be fair those amazing Jack-O-Lantern Mushrooms were growing down the street from me and not in my lawn however they are so impressive I knew you would want to see them.  I am confident that these are correctly identified because I asked my uncle John Trestrail and he is a poison specialist, he said don’t eat them.  I guess eager mushroom hunters can mistake them for Chanterelle’s. There was at least one other mushroom out there that day but I could not figure out what it was, and I am certain that I may have mislabeled some here, so if you know better leave me a comment.

Back to the little stinkers…

So it felt wrong to introduce my menagerie of pets (and their poop) without including photos of them so here we go…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes, all of the sweaters are knit by me, one of the perks of owning small dogs in Michigan.  Cats are not any fun to knit for however, they do like a plush knitted square to sit on year round.

Next time you get a good rain, stop to study what is growing, it may be far more then you ever imagined.




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